My CTfS Experience

on my way to becoming a "connected educator"

learning about blogging

hello!  i am pretty excited to be learning some new “cool tools for schools”!  i was not totally sure what i was going to learn in this unique class.  in the last few years i have spent some time trying to learn new web 2.0 tools that i can incorporate into my classroom.  for example, my colleague and i used corkboardme to document our collaboration last year for our APPR.  i used a data logging tool for my students to share lab data between all of my classes, and i am considering using remind101 to help my students keep up with assignments.  i have often felt as though i could use a little help maneuvering various tools, getting ideas for their use in my classroom, but was just on my own.  so this course will provide me with new information AND a collaborative commmunity to discuss ideas with. i will come back and write more about what i have learned about blogging once i have read the various assignment tasks.  i was just so excited to create my first blog that i skipped ahead.  more to come!


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