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blogging & chemistry

so this weekend, in between grading lab #6 in preparation for uploading the 1st marking period grades on tuesday and cleaning house/laundry/grocery shopping/doing other chores outside of the “school” category, i have been thinking about blogs and chemistry.  Image

my search of “blogging + high school chemistry” gave me a rather unlikely list to investigate.  i see that quite a few blogs are written by graduate and post graduate students, about detailed research being conducted or singular topics of interest (to those same graduate and post graduate students!)  a few high school teacher blogs came up in the results, but no high school chemistry student blogs.  one particularly interesting blog is dr. t’s chemistry ,right here on wordpress!  he teaches in the UK, at the high school of dundee.  but sadly, he doesn’t ask his students to blog, and it seems his posts are brief interesting tidbits not entirely related to his teaching.

another interesting blog writer, found on a chemistry blog that is actually an aggregate of good chemistry blogs in one place, wrote a very interesting blog referring to chemists wasting their time blogging. crazy!  but it was interesting!

then i found a blog titled: My Chemical Journey

(pretty clever way to invert the symbol for tungsten to become an “m”, not found as a chemical symbol).  this blog writer seemed too political for what i expected.  still, his header is quite impressive!

still no blogs written by high school chemistry students.  since the NGSS (next generation science standards) will be here before we know it, i would like to think of a way i can ask my students to write content in a blogging format.  any ideas anyone?


5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students | Edutopia

5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students | Edutopia.

i think this really says it all.  as educators we are focused on asking higher level questions to gauge and understand a student’s learning.  the simple questions, like “what do you think”, require a student to process and analyze what they know or have learned, in order to respond. “i don’t know” is not an option.  thinking is required.  reflection provides the answer.

Resources for Connected Educator Month 2013 | Edutopia

Resources for Connected Educator Month 2013 | Edutopia.

one of my many reads.  this site has made me want to be more technologically minded with my students!

Image including Connected Educator Month logo

navigation woes :-(

so during my prep period at school i am trying to learn how to put a twitter feed on my blog, and after some (many) minutes, i think i got it.  i commented on a fellow CTfS’s students blog, and now i have to figure out how to get back there to see if a repy was posted.  so far my head is swimming, but i am determined to be a “connected educator”!

learning about blogging, part 2

so now i have learned how to create the twitter and goodreads widgets and add them to the blog.  i follow some pretty interesting educational tweets so i added twitter as i though my readers might find it interesting.

learning about blogging

hello!  i am pretty excited to be learning some new “cool tools for schools”!  i was not totally sure what i was going to learn in this unique class.  in the last few years i have spent some time trying to learn new web 2.0 tools that i can incorporate into my classroom.  for example, my colleague and i used corkboardme to document our collaboration last year for our APPR.  i used a data logging tool for my students to share lab data between all of my classes, and i am considering using remind101 to help my students keep up with assignments.  i have often felt as though i could use a little help maneuvering various tools, getting ideas for their use in my classroom, but was just on my own.  so this course will provide me with new information AND a collaborative commmunity to discuss ideas with. i will come back and write more about what i have learned about blogging once i have read the various assignment tasks.  i was just so excited to create my first blog that i skipped ahead.  more to come!

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